The Making of an Eagle - Teen to Manhood

The Making of an Eagle is a five-part workshop that teaches young males five critical life skills. 


Starting date

On Demand




Male teens 13 - 20 years old


5 Hours



Why take this course?


"The Talk"

Learning paths

 Includes:   1) Spirituality, 2) Drugs, 3) Understanding Sexuality (contains adult content), 4) Responsibility, and 5) Education.
Provides a safe venue to facilitate the traditional "father-son" talk that may be missing as a result of extenuating circumstances.
We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and personal guidance.
Our team

Meet the instructors.

Al Robinson
CEO, Thirty2give LLC
Al Robinson is CEO of Thirty2give, LLC. In addition to leadership, his background includes experiences in accounting, ownership of multiple franchise units, mentoring and multiple profit and non-profit start-ups. He looks forward to sharing his love of helping young men become men of strong character.
David Cain
Founder, Thirty2give 
David Cain has more than 3o years mentoring youth. He has a background in engineering, management, and has completed coursework and research towards a doctorate in business with a focus on leadership. His background includes board membership of more than a dozen civic organizations all focused on building character in youth. 
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